Mamit is a district in Mizoram state of India. As par 2012 stats, there are total 275 schools in Mamit district. These includes 249 rural schools and 26 urban schools. When it comes to total no. of school by type, Mamit has about 274 co-educational schools, 1 boys school and 0 girls schools.

List of Schools in Mamit, Mizoram

Agape Govt. M/s-iv

Baptist English M/s Zawlnuam Thuam

Baptist English P/s Zawlnuam Thuam

Bawngva Govt. P/s

Bawngva Ups

Bawrai Govt. M/s

Bawrai Govt. P/s

Bunghmun Govt. M/s

Bunghmunn Vengthlang P/s

Bungthuam Govt. M/s

Bungthuam Govt. P/s

Chilui P/s

Chilui Ups

Chuhvel Govt. M/s

Chuhvel Govt. P/s

Chuhvel Leilet Aie

Damdiai P/s

Damdiai Ups

Darlak Govt. M/s

Darlak Govt. P/s

Darlak Leilet P/s

Emmanuel English School Darlak

Haliday English Medium School P/s

Hmunsam Public P/s

Hmunsam Public Ups

Hmunthatlang P/s

Hmunthatlang Ups

Hriphaw Govt. M/s

Hriphaw Govt. P/s-i

Hriphaw P/s Ii

K. Sarali P/s

K. Sarali Ups

Kananthar P/s

Kananthar Ups

Kanhmun Govt. M/s

Kanhmun Govt. P/s-i

Kanhmun Govt. P/s-ii

Kawrtethawveng Govt. M/s-i

Kawrtethawveng Govt. M/s-ii

Kawrtethawveng Govt. P/s-i

Kawrtethawveng Govt. P/s-ii

Kawrtethawveng Govt. P/s-iii

Kawrthah Govt. M/s-i

Kawrthah Govt. M/s-ii

Kawrthah Govt. P/s-i

Kawrthah Govt. P/s-ii

Kawrthah Govt. P/s-iii

Kawrthah Govt. P/s-iv

Lms Tuidam

Luimawi Govt. P/s

Luimawi Ups

Luimawi Vai Veng Aie Centre

Mamit Govt. M/s Ii

Mamit Govt. M/s-i

Mamit Govt. M/s-iii

Mamit Govt. P/s Ii

Mamit Govt. P/s-i

Mamit Govt. P/s-iii

Mamit Govt. P/s-iv

Mamit Govt. P/s-v

Mamit Govt. P/s-vi

Mamit Govt. P/s-vii

Mualthuam P/s

Mualthuam Telephone Veng Aie Centre

Mualthuam Ups

N. Sabual P/s

N. Sabual Ups

Nalzawl P/s

Nalzawl Ups

New Eden P/s

New Eden Ups

New Mamit Ups

Phaizau Govt. P/s

Phaizau Ups

Presbyterian Engkish Medium School

Presbyterian English School P/s Za

R.m. Saikhawthlir Govt. M/s

Rajiv Gandhi Memorial School M/s K

Rajiv Gandhi Memorial School P/s K

Rengdil Govt. M/s-i

Rengdil Govt. M/s-ii

Rengdil Govt. P/s-i

Rengdil Govt. P/s-ii

Saikhawthlir Govt. P/s

Saikhawthlir Leilet Aie

Serhmun Govt. P/s

Sihthiang Ups

Sotapa P/s

Sotapa Ups

St Francis Xaviers School Ms Kanhm

St. Ignatius English M/s Zamuang

Stone Quarry P/s

Suarhliap M/s

Suarhliap P/s

Taitesena Memorial Govt. M/s

Thaidawr Ups

Thinghlun Govt. M/s

Thinghlun Govt. P/s

Tlangkhang Govt. P/s

Tlangkhang Ups

Tuidam Govt. M/s

Tuidam Govt. P/s

Tuidam Govt. P/s-ii

Tumpanglui P/s

Tumpanglui Ups

Vawngawnzo P/s

Vawngawnzo Ups

W. Bunghmun Govt. P/s

W. Serhmun Govt. P/s-ii

Zamuang Govt. M/s

Zamuang Govt. P/s-i

Zamuang Govt. P/s-ii

Zawlnuam Govt. M/s-i

Zawlnuam Govt. M/s-ii

Zawlnuam Govt. P/s-i

Zawlnuam Govt. P/s-ii

Zawlnuam Govt. P/s-iii

Zawlnuam Public M/s

Zawlnuam Public P/s

Zawlnuam Vengthlang Govt. P/s

Zawlpui Govt. M/s

Zawlpui Govt. P/s